Attention! Be careful of fakes.

Pay close attention to the company offering you a stretch ceiling. Many use the low-quality materials PVC which aren't complying technical requirements.

Always demand to provide you necessary certificates. The stretch ceilings used by the ZABIBOK Company have CE marking. CE-call marking "passport" of goods. Existence of this passport means that the goods are checked and meet the requirements which are presented in the directive of construction goods 89/106/EMÜ and are coordinated in the EVS-EN 14716:2005 standard.

Stretch ceilings it is strong, but delicate material. Unfortunately, not all teams of assemblers are familiar with systems of ceiling fastenings, specifics and technology. All experts of ZABIBOK are the diploma

Professionals with huge skill and the international experience.

Comparison of works:

Installation of experts of ZABIBOK

Installation not of professionals

Having ordered a stretch ceiling from the ZABIBOK company, you protect yourself from installation of ceilings from cheap materials at low prices which give out for the real French ceilings some companies or simply erection teams from 2 people not having the legal status! Recently cases when in ZABIBOK Customers appeal became frequent to renovate or establish them a new stretch ceiling, instead of the "cheap French" which is already established by such unfortunate companies.

Choosing the company which will establish you a stretch ceiling, remember, the Qualitative goods cheap don't happen! Considering, what service life of the real stretch ceiling from a qualitative film more than 10 years, think, what it is better? To choose quality, a guarantee from the producer and the long term of operation or low price and opportunity in the future of alteration at own expense...

The chagrin of bad quality of goods remains much longer, than short pleasure from its low price!!!


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