There's nothing quite like radiant heating. It is the most efficient means of heat delivery in existence and it provides greater comfort than any other heating system.

Ceiling heatingRadiant heating systems may be installed in the ceiling or in the floor and they work in just the same way as one another. Instead of heating air, radiant heating systems warm people and objects readily and efficiently by emitting heat energy (like that from the sun) in the thermal infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum at wavelengths of about 5 microns (m).

A ceiling fitted radiant heating elements will provide an invisible, effective and efficient form of radiant heating. Operating at low temperatures a radiant heated ceiling ensures even and comfortable warmth with minimal air temperature difference between floor and ceiling from a hidden source to warm the whole room evenly.

In traditional central heating systems air passing over the radiators to create convective warm air currents adversely affects the ideal convection loss from our body. The higher air temperatures adversely affect the evaporation loss from our body and this generally results in stuffiness and dryness. These symptoms generally detract from overall comfort. In addition the hotter air rises and leads to a hot head/cold feet syndrome.

People can feel uncomfortable standing on a cold floor or near a cold wall even when the thermometer reads 23C and the room is thought to be at the right temperature. This is because the cold surface acts as a 'heat sink' and draws heat out of the person's body faster than it can be replaced. Turning the thermostat up in a traditional heating system will partially offset the radiation losses but comfort is unlikely to improve.

The radiant ceiling or floor heating system can control 80% of the human body's natural heat loss and this is why radiant heating is so comfortable compared to any other heating system.

Radiant heating systems are cheaper to run than traditional heating systems too. When thermal infrared radiation is used to heat objects and people to 20C to 22C their personal heat comfort can be achieved with air temperatures of just 18C to19C resulting in an energy saving of 18% to 24%.

Using radiant ceiling heating, you can now experience allergen free heating in any building without the inconvenience, costs and unsightly service requirements of conventional heating systems.


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